People are raving about the Doc! 

See below for a collection of real quotes from real people:


“No doubt the best flower I’ve ever gotten. This is definitely top shelf.”


“Perfect strain for a very strong potent head high, i love both indica and sativas and I absolutely love this strain, especially in shatter form.”


“New favorite strain, perfect relaxation and it helps me with my anxiety. 10/10”


“Really like this strain. Can function at work. Makes me feel happy and helps with my migraines. No anxiety on this. No feeling of couch lock; feels like clean high to me. Try it out if you have the chance.”


“It is in my Top 5 and I’ve tried over 30 different strains at least. It has a piney taste and the high is outstanding. One of my go-to strains if and when it’s available.”


“This exceptional strain leaves me clear headed, uplifted and socially engaged. Concurrently, this strain produces and intense ”body buzz” that leaves me feeling tingly and arroused. I always medicate on this strain when I am interested in letting go of my day to day concerns and switching to amorous interaction with my playmate. When medicating, I use 60% flowers and 40% keif.”


“I honestly don’t know of a better strain I love everything about it!”


All of the above are from real people using the third-party review site Leafly.

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